Where A College Degree Will Get You

All through history going to college and receiving a college degree meant that you are educated enough to do a certain job, and having a college degree was so rare that you were almost certainly to get hired at a big company and wind up being very wealthy. However, currently there are many questions on where a college degree will get you. Nowadays, employers do not only concentrate on people with degrees under their belts. More important is having the training and on the job experience to do the work.

Firms and employers have realized that the problem with college is that it teaches you to do very little. In college, college students have to take many different subjects, most of which have little to do with their course. There are no hands-on courses. Most courses are lecture classes, in classrooms filled with many other students. Most places want to be sure that the person they hire is ready to do the job and has accomplished it before. Technical schools provide courses that are now regarded highly by many businesses because students from technical schools underwent intensive training and are taught by experts in their various fields.

Some college students find it more advantageous to attend technical schools rather than get a college degree. Technical schools and like programs are much cheaper than college tuition, which can run from $5,000-$100,000, depending on the school you attend. As mentioned technical schools are more affordable and a course can cost around a few hundred dollars to $2,000. With a technical school, you spend much less time period taking classes because you dont have to take any requirements outside of your major. College tends to be time consuming, which can often result to students reducing their work hours or quitting their jobs completely. This can result to some form of monetary strain because college tuition is very costly.

Another problem with university is that there is very little opportunity for work using the college. Educational institutions are known for helping their students find employment in well known businesses. Nevertheless, few of these companies turn to colleges to hire students. The college employment office usually just assists students create resumes now and trains them for interviews, however, they do not find paying jobs for students, unlike a technical school.

Right now, where a college degree will get you is uncertain. An increasing number of individuals are taking courses with degrees, but there is a decreasing number of companies that are hiring employees. Educational institutions are inept to truly train students and teach them a job. Colleges are there for the background knowledge you need to perform the job, and employers know this.